Network Marketers – Do you ever feel like you’re constantly starting over?

Does it ever feel like you’re constantly starting over again? Every time you get some excitement or momentum – life throws you a curve ball and then next week, you’re back at the start line again?


Well – first off – you’re definitely not alone. This is something that A LOT of people struggle with. Consistency is so simple in theory, but it’s a huge struggle for so many. And that’s also why it’s so important – and why I want to focus on it today.


First things first – ‘starting over’ has a lot of negative energy attached to it. When there’s negative energy, it’s draining. We don’t want to be surrounding ourselves with negative energy. We want to change that energy – and we can do that by changing the words we say to ourselves.


Because you’re not ‘starting over again at zero’ – you’re starting a new day / week / blitz / goal – but this time, you’re starting with more experience, more knowledge and more skills. You’re going to be better at setting the next person up, coaching them and supporting them – because you are starting a new run from a higher skill level than the previous time.


Every challenge we face becomes part of our growth. Every test becomes part of our testimony. Every setback is a chance for a comeback.


Each time you’ll be stronger, smarter and wiser. And you can look back at the previous challenge and say ‘I got over that, I can smash this’. You will come back with more resilience, strength and character. And those are the exact traits that will attract strong and resilient people to you. The exact traits of future leaders for your business.


If we cycle back to when we started our Network Marketing business – we copped some serious challenges, mainly in the form of negativity and doubt from our friends. We were told over and over again that those things are just a scam and that we would never be successful. And that almost broke me.


But it also drove me to be stronger. Drove me to grow myself. And drove us to prove that you can build a great Network Marketing business – one that is successful and very profitable – and you can do that without being annoying or a weirdo. Where you can still have friends at the end.


The key to all of this – is looking for the learning in every challenge. Don’t focus on the negative energy because then you only deny yourself of the exact lesson that you need to learn. Look to the growth that comes from each challenge, build that muscle in your mindset – and you will become the most incredible leader of a team. Your company will have you on stage sharing your story – and people will be inspired by it. People will look at you and think ‘if they can get through that challenge and still be here, I can do this too’.


And when you have the belief, and you instil belief into others – you will have a successful, growing and profitable Network Marketing business. And if you take care of that money, you’ll also have financial freedom – which is even cooler.



To your success


Andrew Logan


Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.

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