Using Funnels to Build Your Network Marketing Business

Funnels are a red-hot topic right now.

And lots of people are selling courses and programs around ‘How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Using Funnels’.

‘How to have people just (magically) come to you without any effort or work’.

Which always raises the question – are they making more from selling the software than if they implemented it themselves?


But that aside – there’s no doubt that funnel software is powerful.

But first and foremost, Network Marketing isn’t a business model that can be totally automated.

It is a business of people, communication, leadership, connection.


Certainly elements can be systemised to help create more time and flexibility in your life.

But if it were truly possible to completely automate a Network Marketing business using Funnels – I guarantee you, your company owner would have paid someone to create a funnel for them, and they wouldn’t need to be paying us any money.


Network Marketing companies, and their owners, choose this business model because they know the power of networks of people working together. The power of the micro-influencer in their friendship circles. The power of community and create a place where people want to be – s they keep coming back over and over.

None of that can be automated.


Really, funnels are a mindset. A mental picture of bringing people through a process and sorting them into groups.

And really – you need 3 of these:

  • A Networking Funnel
  • A Marketing Funnel
  • A Business Funnel. 


You need a Networking Funnel (multiple really) as a way to bring people into your life. Whether it’s through social media branding and attraction marketing, or old fashioned techniques like joining groups and gatherings – we need a way to always be networking. And we need to understand that not everyone we meet will be a prospect. So out of everyone we meet through our networking system / process – we will be funnelling them into cold, warm and hot prospects.


Then we need a Marketing Funnel. A process of showing these prospects above what we do, overcoming any objections they may have and then enrolling them into our business. We can Network all day, but nothing will happen if we don’t ask people to take a look. What is the offer that you give to your hot prospects to start moving them through your Marketing Funnel?


Finally then – we need a system / process for differentiating out our customers, sharers, builders and leaders. You can’t have a ‘one size fits all approach’ in Network Marketing. That’s why the process can’t be totally automated. Any process involving people needs to respect that everyone is different. Their goals. How they listen. How they learn. The skills and network they had before they started.

And that’s the most important system.

And the one I feel we’re missing the most.


To your success.


Andrew Logan

Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.

You can access more free training on his YouTube channel here and his Podcast here.

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Using Funnels to Build Your Network Marketing Business

Your roadmap to building a Network Marketing business – even if you’ve never done this before.