Network Marketers – So what do you do?

One of the biggest roadblocks for people when they start in Network Marketing is not knowing what to say to people. As you start to build a team and work with potential distributors, you’ll be faced with a lot of people wanting to build with you but are too afraid of opening their mouth and facing potential rejection.


The key to helping people through this roadblock and growing a huge business is providing them with a simple template they can follow, and that’s what I want to help you with today.


Before we jump into that, this template is especially effective with newer/cold markets. Generally, your warm market –your friends and family– know what you do. For cold market, new people you’ve met, one of the first questions they will ask is ‘So what do you do?’.


It’s also a great ice-breaking question to open a conversation with. It helps us get to know people quickly, and it’s also a question they will generally reciprocate to.


So when we’re introducing ourselves, we want to remember that people don’t buy products, services, or business opportunities. They buy solutions to problems. People don’t lay awake at night thinking, “Oh man, I really wish someone would offer me a business opportunity”. They lay awake at night thinking, “How can I make more money so I can pay the bills”.


In the words of Russel Brunson, “we love to geek out about our products too.” As my friend Kim Klaver says, “we fall into techno babble and want to tell everyone about every ingredient, every part of the supply chain, and every scientific study attached to it.” But we need to remember again that people aren’t lying awake at night thinking, “Oh, I need better quality springs and foam in my bed,” they’re laying there saying, “I need to get a good quality sleep tonight so that I can function tomorrow.” People don’t buy springs and foam: they buy a good night’s sleep. We don’t buy the metals and brands in braces for our child’s teeth: we buy a beautiful smile in their graduation photo.


So, when we introduce ourselves, we want to talk about the solution that we can provide, in a way that doesn’t feel painful or difficult. In doing this, we use the simple formula:


I help people X without Y.


LOTS of people want to lose weight, but they also immediately associate that with painful things like dieting, cutting carbs, rabbit food, or painful gym sessions. So you could introduce yourself as someone who helps people lose weight, without having to exercise. Alternatively, “I help people lose weight without needing to count calories.”


Many people want better energy, but they associate it with dodgy energy drinks or stimulant drinks/tablets. So instead, they tell someone you work with a company that has a great tablet full of this amazing ingredient. Simply say, “I help people have more energy, without stimulants.”


Many people want to make more money, but they also associate a ‘business’ with lots of time, effort, and money. Sometimes, they feel the only way to make more money is by taking an extra job to have less time with their family. So, don’t introduce someone to your ‘business opportunity. Tell them how you help people create a secondary income in just 30 minutes a day. Or ‘I help people make an extra income without needing an extra job.’


Now, they may not say yes straight away. Chances are that they probably won’t. But all we want to do right now is open a conversation. Start building the relationship. Show them the door – they may or may not walkthrough.


But at least we’ve made the first move and started the conversation. Then one day, they wake up tired, their pants don’t fit, or the credit card bounces. And they’re going to think of you – because you can help them fix that problem without the associated pain.


The final step here – make sure this is compliant and believable. Make sure you can actually back up what you’re saying. There’s already too much hype in our industry – let’s make sure we’re leading with honesty and integrity too. The truth is always enough.


To your success,


Andrew Logan


Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.

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Network Marketers - So what do you do?

Your roadmap to building a Network Marketing business – even if you’ve never done this before.