How to Build Your Social Media Brand

How to Build Your Social Media Brand

At its core, Network Marketing is a very simple business; we talk to people (Networking) and we offer solutions to their problems (Marketing).

Simple, but that’s doesn’t mean it’s easy.

There will always be challenges with every business model – and for us, one of the biggest challenges is Networking with, and Marketing to, people who are more likely to want to buy our systems or join our company.

And too often, we’re actually setup for failure. We’re told ‘everyone will want this’, ‘write and list and contact everyone’. But then we also tell people to ‘expect a lot of No’s’ and ‘you’ll need to learn how to handle objections’.

But if everyone wanted it, there’d be no No’s. Definitely no objections….


One of the biggest challenges we face is making sure we are Networking and Marketing to people who value our solution. And that won’t be everyone we know or meet. Having quality conversations takes time. And if we’re investing a lot of time into people who will just never care about what we do – then this can become a very difficult, and draining, business.


Which is why Attraction Marketing and Social Media Branding is essential to your success. And the very first step in this process is Building Your Social Media Brand so that you can find and attract people who want to buy what you have.


Now before we look at How to Create a Social Media Brand – a quick reminder that your brand won’t do the ‘selling’ for you. Your brand can help you attract likeminded people to you, and greatly improve your networking efforts – but that doesn’t mean they’ll automatically buy what you’re selling. We have to Create Content that encourages Comments (so we can connect) – then we have have Conversations (Marketing) that leads to Commissions.

Too often people are trying to market directly – turning themselves into shop fronts. But you can’t do that on Social media. You have to be social first. Engaging content that attracts people so you can connect – then you can have the conversations.


So how do we create great branded content to kickstart the process above? Ask yourself these 2 questions:

  • Who do you LOVE to work with?
  • Who were you RIGHT BEFORE you decided to join?

These two questions will form the basis of your Social Media avatar.

The first question – when you’re working with people you love – the energy and excitement is natural and palpable. They can feel that you’re different to other sales people out there.

The second question – your experiences, your frustrations, your emotions – are the exact same challenges your ideal customer is going through. They are feeling all of the same emotions that you were feeling right before you started. So you can connect with them organically, naturally and authentically – because you have been there yourself. You can create great content around this challenge that you had – and how you’ve managed to find a solution and grow into a new life. Your ideal customer will be inspired by your transformation – because you were where they are now, and they can see a better future in themselves thanks to your journey.


These 2 questions are the key. Start here.

From there, start creating valuable content that speaks to your audience. Speaks to the challenges their having now – along with inspiring them with your own journey through those same challenges.


Once you know your audience, everything else will start to become much clearer and simpler.

To your success.


Andrew Logan

Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.

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How to Build Your Social Media Brand

Your roadmap to building a Network Marketing business – even if you’ve never done this before.