How to handle the ‘It’s a Scam’ Objection in Network Marketing

How to handle the 'It's a Scam' Objection in Network Marketing

Objections can be a difficult part of building your Network Marketing business; especially when they come from close family and friends.

We’ve left an event all excited and reached out to friends – only for them to shut us down with an objection straight away.

And the worst objection we can face – is the hard No around Network Marketing being a ‘scam’.


I have created other posts and videos on handling objections in general – but today I want to look specifically at 2 ways to address the objection of ‘It’s a Scam’.


Bless and Release – the first option for what to do – is to stop and think about whether this is someone who is going to add happiness and positivity to your life and business. If they are negative and close minded to the point that they won’t even have a look, they just immediately dismiss it – then that’s someone I have to really wonder if they would be a great fit for my business. That doesn’t mean I cut them from my life totally, that doesn’t mean I can’t still have a relationship with them in other areas – but your Network Marketing business should only add to your life; time, money, freedom and happiness.

And to do that, we need to be surrounding ourselves with happy and open minded people. People who want to grow. People who love to challenge themselves. People who are willing to research and learn rather than immediately dismiss and object. It takes energy to be curious, it takes nothing to be dismissive. If people are immediately dismissive, without putting in the effort to at least investigate – then that’s not someone who can add to my business. So I’m going to bless and release and look for new people to talk to.

And really – I can thank them. Thank them for allowing me a quick and easy decision to say ‘no worries, it’s obviously not for you’ and move on straight away.


Allow them Control – A lot of times, the objections people give aren’t the true reasons for their concern – they simply don’t like to feel like they’ve been backed into a corner by someone else. They want to have control.

‘People are always looking to buy, but they hate being sold’ is the mantra.

You think of the times you go into a shop to buy some clothes; you actively walk into the store to look for things to buy, but as soon as the staff member asks if you need help, so many times we immediately knee jerk ‘Oh no, I’m fine’…

We walked into the store looking to buy, but didn’t want someone else to come over a sell us. And that’s the same that can be going on here. They aren’t actively saying No, they’re just knee jerking that they feel you’re trying to sell them something and they want to regain control.

So in this case – don’t try and fight fire with fire. Don’t try and ‘win’ by throwing information at them. Don’t try and ‘convince’ them. In this case – first seek to understand, then you can be understood. Ask them questions:

What is it that makes you feel that way?

What have you read that would make you feel that way?

Do you know someone who’s tried something like this before? What were their expectations? How well were they coached? Did they actually do anything? Or just expect it to work for them?…


I’m going to get to know them better, so I can help them better.



As always, I hope this helps you on the way to greater success.


Andrew Logan

Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.

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How to handle the 'It's a Scam' Objection in Network Marketing

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