What to Do When You Keep Getting the Same Objection.

Does it ever feel like every time you approach someone, share your story, send them a tool; the exact same response comes back?

It could be a price objection, a not interested objection, or the worst – when they just ghost you.


There’s a lot of great things about building a great team and leading a lot of people, but in Network Marketing – there’s really only 2 things we can completely control – what we say, and who we’re talking to. And if you keep coming up against the same objection over and over again, chances are pretty high that the error is happening here; either in what you’re saying, or who you’re saying it to.


  • If you have joined a health and wellness company, but everyone around you really doesn’t care about their health – chances are high that they’ll all respond in a similar, and negative, way.
  • If you are selling a business / financial opportunity, but everyone around you has a poor money mindset – chances are high that they’ll all tell you it’s just a scam.
  • If when you’re sharing your products, you make it sound too complex or over the top, or too good to be true – chances are high that people will tell you they’re too busy to look.
  • If you don’t really believe in what you’re trying to sell – chance are people will tell you it will never work.

I’m sure you’re seeing the pattern by now. Either there’s something wrong in what we’re saying, or the people around us just don’t value / prioritise what we’re selling. If the problem is with what we’re saying – we need to learn from this, adjust, improve. Ask for feedback when someone says no – ‘no worries, for my own learning, what was it that made you say no?’

Alternatively, if it’s the people you’re speaking to – then there’s the chance to start re-inventing yourself, and finding a new environment of people who will support you. No one ever built their business purely on the handful of people they already knew – we all had to grow into new environments and friendship circles as we went. You might just need to accelerate this process – find those people sooner, and get working on your cold market / social media strategies sooner.

For help with social media, can check out my Attraction Marketing video here, and Chapter 3 of my book – you can get a free copy here.

For general objection training – check out this video too.

To your success.


Andrew Logan

Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.

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