How to Find Network Marketing Leaders

‘How do I find more leaders?’

Oh man – if I had $1 for every time I was asked this question – I’d buy a small Island in the Caribbean.


If you’ve been in Network Marketing for more than about 5 minutes, I’m sure you’ve caught yourself asking this question. And if you have any budding business builders in your team – I’m sure you’ve had that same question asked of you.

Finding leaders is exciting. It means more energy, more sales, more volume – ultimately, more money. And not just more money, but Residual Income. Money that shows up without you having to be there.

Leaders are the Diamonds in the rough, the Aces in the pack – really, the Needles in the Haystack – because they are the minority. Which is why they’re so hard to find. But here’s a 3 Step Approach to help you find more Network Marketing Leaders, so you can enjoy a bigger and more profitable business.


Step 1 – Reframe the Question.

The very first step involves reframing the question at hand. We need to move away from ‘How do I find more leaders?’ for many reasons. Firstly – to me there’s a finality to the energy behind it at times. Like finding a leader means your work here is done. Just put your feet up and pop the champagne. Which rolls into the second part of it – just finding a leader isn’t the challenge; it’s knowing what to do when you do find one.

Leaders will only follow other leaders. That’s how they’re hard wired. That’s what makes them so attractive but also so challenging. They will not follow the system – because the want to create their own systems. They’re pragmatic innovators – not passive followers. So before worrying about finding a leader, we need to reframe the question to ‘Am I being a leader myself?’. Am I showing up every day? Am I growing myself every day? Am I always innovating, evolving, improving – both my skills and the processes for our team.

Because if you can’t answer yes to this question – yet, that’s why you haven’t found any leaders – yet. Leaders are different. They talk differently, work differently, show up differently. We need to communicate to them differently. And the best way to learn how to communicate with them – is to show up each day a little bit better. By become a leader, we will attract leaders. It’s simple really. Not east, but simple.


Step 2 – Identify Character Traits.

Whenever I’m training on Zoom, or coaching from stage – and the leadership question comes up, I always ask back; so what are you looking for in a leader. And every time the same responses come back – innovative, energetic, authentic, reliable, driven, work ethic. And the key here is that these are all character traits. No one ever talks about ‘well skilled in Network Marketing’, or ‘has over 1 million followers’. But then, despite that, they go out and try and find Influencers, or leaders in other companies, and try to convince them to come over.

Personally, give me the person with work ethic, authenticity and self discipline first, and then I will work with them to teach them Network Marketing. Don’t try and find people with big networks or audiences, find people with the right character traits and help them see what we have.

Network Marketing, at its core, is simple. There’s a handful of skills we need to get good at. But most people fail because they give up too soon or they don’t want to grow. I would rather identify people with tenacity and growth mindsets and teach them how to Meet People (Network) and Share Their Story (Market) than try and convince an unmotivated person to make 3 more phone calls.


Success takes habits, discipline and consistency – identify people with those traits, and then direct them to the educational tools (books, podcasts etc) – and you’ll discover that finding leaders is much simpler than you have been making it.

Bonus – attract people with these traits, by becoming that person yourself. As per Step 1 – Be the Leader, Do the Work and you will Have.


Step 3 – Know your Numbers.

Leaders are often referred to as ‘The 1%ers’. So if we flip that – we might need to bring in 100 people to find the 1 in 100.


That sucks.

For a lot of people – just hearing that can be a gut check. But let’s look at that in reverse. If the concept of figuring out how to bring in 100 people scares you – then maybe leadership isn’t for you – yet. Maybe you haven’t developed the initiative, problem solving and determination of a leader – yet. And that’s totally fine – leadership isn’t for everyone. But just remember, if you’re not stepping into leadership, you can’t expect to attract anyone who is stepping into leadership.

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So let’s re-frame it. What if instead of asking ‘How do I find more Network Marketing Leaders?’, we asked ‘How do I learn this Network Marketing thing well enough that I could support and mentor a couple of driven people?’. What if going out and enrolling 100 people was the exact apprenticeship you needed to experience so you could gain the skills, and results, to attract and support / mentor the ‘leader’ that you found?

What if you took luck out of the equation and said ‘You know what, I’m going to change my life, I’m going to help a lot of people, and I’m going to grow myself each day – and I’m going to go out and help 200 with my product / business’. By setting that intention, by showing up each day, by demonstrating commitment and grit – you will find the 2 amazing Aces in the pack along the way. AND – you’ll know what to teach them – because you’ve been learning along the way.

Be and Do – then you will Have.


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To your success.


Andrew Logan


Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.

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