How to Run a Network Marketing Blitz Week

Blitz weeks are great fun. They’re a great way to build team energy, excitement and momentum – which of then helps lead to rank advancements and a bigger business after. Helping a lot of people come together, work in unison and get focused is a great way to show your leadership skills as well.


But a quick warning as well before we go further into the how of a blitz week, be aware that blitz weeks can be over done. They can tire people out. They can milk your customers dry.

They’re a great way to build energy in your team, but shouldn’t be relied on as the only tool in your belt. 3-4 a year maximum is best.


Step 1 – Choose a holiday / event / theme to base your Blitz Week around.

Major holidays and events are a great place to start with choosing the date / theme for your Blitz. Post Easter chocolate detox, New Year New Rear health challenge, Winter Skin Care focus etc. Major holidays around consumer spending and gift giving etc. Even more powerful from a business point of view – before and after major company events. Directly before – spend a week focused on getting more people to the event. After – focus on getting those extra people into action and seeing results fast. The faster they see results, the faster their excitement and belief rises.


Step 2 – Create Incentives for the Week. 

Part of a successful Blitz Week strategy is adding an extra cherry on top for people who are getting into action. Offering them a bonus for all of their hard work and effort. The key here – is knowing what will excite them. In the words of Tony Robbins – you can’t motivate someone until you know what motivates them. I always liked to have 3 different rewards in a Blitz Week – incentivising 3 different areas and helping people feel rewarded.

Overall, people will generally be motivated by money, products, recognition or progress. Alongside that, some are motivated by the competition and want to win, others can take themselves out of the game straight away if there’s only 1 winner. So that’s why we’d setup multiple awards each time, with one rewarding activity, one rewarding results, one rewarding speed.

For example, everyone who sends at least 50 invites out that week gets on an exclusive training call with a Top Income Earner. Anyone who rank advances this week – gets an extra ticket to the company event. The first person to 4 enrolments this week gets a box of the brand new product being released at the company event.

In this example, the first option is rewarding activity, and everyone can count themselves in. Everyone can look at that and say – I can do that. And that’s powerful. Whilst we love to just focus on the really successful people, so much of success in Network Marketing is about helping the masses do a little bit extra. If everyone in your team felt they could send out 50 invites, imagine the results that would lead to. The reward – recognition and extra training. Both very powerful motivators for people. Getting extra, and exclusive, training – motivates the right people. The second incentive rewards results – for the result driven people. And offers them extra training again – because they’re the exact people you want to be getting to the events. The final incentive – a race, for the really driven. Plus who doesn’t love exclusive product. Call up your company, tell them what you’re doing and how it will help get 50 more tickets to the event. I guarantee they’ll send boxes of stuff your way.


Step 3 – A Daily Blitz Call.

Now in the Blitz Week, you want to get everyone focussed and working together for 30-60 minutes a day. Morning or night, whichever you prefer. But get everyone on a Zoom and working on the Income Producing Activities. Across a full week, have different activities each day; one day is focussed on gaining new friends / followers. Another focussed on adding people to the group. The next based on inviting to the upcoming event. The next following up with people from the previous days etc.

The bonus to this – you’re teaching people the Income Producing Activities as you go. You’re showing them how to build their business each day. The majority may only do 10 minutes a day normally, but 1,000 people doing 10 minutes a day – is still the equivalent 166 hours of activity a week. Essentially you working 24/7 and never sleeping. This way – you’re making money in your sleep – which is way better.


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