Why Systems and Duplication are Stopping Your Network Marketing Business from Growing.

No doubt you’ve heard the top leaders in your company state ‘it’s not what works, it’s what duplicates’.

Then they’ll tell you ‘if you don’t have systems, you don’t have a business’.


And they’re right – but only up to a point.

Because whilst systems and duplication are essential, they also have a limit.

If you want to create residual income and financial freedom with Network Marketing – then your systems may actually be what’s preventing that from happening.


Confused? Let me explain.


Systems and duplication are a very important tool in creating a process people can follow. And the key word here – follow. A team of people following a system is a team of people still dependent on you to create the system. And if you’ve been running a team for more than 12 months or so, you’ll also know that every system has an expiry date. They constantly need to be tweaked and evolved.


So here’s the paradox. If we’re telling everyone ‘you have to follow the system’, we’re actively discouraging them from using their brains. We’re taking away their innovation and creativity. We’re creating a team of dependent followers. A team that is dependent on us to create the next system, tool, script, template or blitz.


Even worse – now we’re throwing our hands in the air wondering why we can’t find any leaders. Our business growth is being capped by the very systems we have created. We can build the business to a point of a large group of followers – and that can make you some decent money. But funnelling everyone into the same system will stop you growing it any further.


Financial freedom is the dream of many a Network Marketer. And to achieve that kind of freedom – your business needs to run independent of you. It needs to not only survive, but thrive, without you. True residual income requires leadership. Finding and mentoring great leaders who can take over from you and develop the team beyond you. Some of them may even end up more successful than you. Which should really be the ultimate goal. Wisdom shall be known by her children – and there’s no room for ego in this equation.


Now statistically, most people are happy following. They are happy having a side-hustle and following the systems and tools they’re provided. But there are the minority who want to grow and develop. They want to take the foundations that are laid and build in a new direction. Stifling their creativity and forcing them to follow your system – is killing off the exact leaders that you’re looking for. The exact person you’re feeling exacerbated about not being able to find.


The most important system you need to develop – is a system for identifying the potential leaders, and putting them in a seperate room and mentoring them to take over. Allowing them the space to be creative and innovative.


Systems and duplication are for followers.

You can’t duplicate or systemise leaders.


To really enjoy residual income and financial freedom – network marketing is a business of leadership and mentorship.

And once you understand that, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level.


To your success.


Andrew Logan


Why Systems and Duplication are Stopping Your Business from Growing

Your roadmap to building a Network Marketing business – even if you’ve never done this before.