Why a ‘Copy and Paste’ Culture is Killing your Network Marketing Business.

Everyone knows Systems and Duplication are one of the major keys to success in Network Marketing. If you want to build a large team and enjoy the great leverage that our business model offers, having simple systems, scripts, templates and tools that people can follow is paramount to success.

But unfortunately, people have taken ‘following a system’ to ‘copy and paste’.

And when we copy and paste, or (even worse) when we teach people to copy and paste – we are crippling our business growth. It is a VERY short term strategy at best.

Now I know not everyone will agree with me here, but here’s 3 reasons why it’s a fatal culture in your business;

  1. It takes away someones individuality. We all know there’s enough challenges with how Network Marketing is seen in the general society. And one of the worst misconceptions is that people are just Spammy Pammy’s, sending generic messages out to anyone and everyone. If we tell someone to just copy and paste things – then that’s exactly what they turn into. The friends see them suddenly speaking a different language. See them suddenly go from who they are, to someone completely different. And once people lose their individuality – they lose the very thing that’s perfect about them. Especially if you’re reading this as a newer person into this industry. We want to grow and develop, but don’t every try and become someone you’re not, speak in a way you’d never speak – just to make a few sales. In Network Marketing, we go out into our Network and Market a product / service. These are close friends and family, people we’ve known for a long time. If they see you suddenly change, they won’t respond positively. They won’t support you. They see you develop, grow, evolve – amazing. They see you try and be someone else – they’re going to tell you you’re in a cult.
  2. From a leadership point of view – the goal is to build something that you can one day walk away from and enjoy your financial freedom. So if you’re encouraging people to just copy and paste, you’re teaching them to stop thinking for themselves. You’re teaching them to become dependent on you. There’s no freedom without independence. If we want financial freedom, it won’t come from having a team of dependent people – waiting for you to give them the next bit of content to send out. Waiting for you to come up with what they should say next. That’s not a sustainable business model, that’s not a recipe for a freedom lifestyle. If we want to grow a strong business, one that thrives without us being there – we need to mentor independent leaders, not dependent followers.
  3. Finally – think about the person who is scrolling their social media – and also to happens to have a few friends within your company. They see the exact same post put out by 4-5 of their friends…. And those 4-5 friends all commenting on each other’s posts…. It’s hardly going to get them to want to rush to their wallet and get their credit card out. And not just the friend – the algorithms will see it too. And they really don’t like it. The post could be amazing, but the algorithm will smash it to pieces and hide it away out of sight…

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Sometimes we do the exact things that people rubbish us for.

If we want to be respected more by society – let’s go first.

To your sucess.


Andrew Logan


Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.

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