3 Keys to Building a Successful Network Marketing Business

Building a Network Marketing business can often feel overwhelming. I remember at the very start it felt like I was running blindfolded through the woods, with people all around yelling different directions. So today, I want to keep things nice and simple – help you clear some of the noise in your head and keep the main thing the main thing.



  1. Mindset:

Network marketing, residual income, financial freedom – these are incredible goals. They also take time. Anything worth having will take some time. And if we want to have long term success, we have to start with a mindset of long-term success.

That means not looking for short-cuts.

Not looking for ways to manipulate the compensation plan.

And especially – not complaining that you’re not a millionaire after starting your business last Tuesday.

Doing these things can help you make some short-term money. But you want be able to create freedom. A sustainable income requires sustainable activities. Not short-cuts or hacks. You need to do them yourself, along with teaching others the same.


  1. Skillset

In any profession there are a handful of fundamental skills we need to master in order to get paid very well. Network Marketing is no different to that. But the best thing – is there’s really only 2 major skills we need to get good at:

How to meet people (Network)

How to talk to people (Market).

It’s really that simple. Not east, but simple.

Focus on getting really good at these two skills, then focus on helping people get really good at them too. That’s what business building is. So often people say – Oh I’d love to find ‘Business Builders’ for my team – as if they’re a specific group of people they can target. We build our Network Marketing Businesses by Networking and Marketing. Business builders are good at Networking and Marketing. So you bring people in and then teach them how to Network and Market. No need to overthink it here.

Now we do have great systems and tools in this industry. Social media especially allows for incredible leverage in the people we can network too. But we can’t fudge over the fundamental skills – that no matter the tool or social media platform, we still need to find people and then talk to them. That will NEVER change.


  1. Mentorship

From here – we need to replicate and duplicate the above process. We help people get started – then we help them get their mindset sorted for success and teach them the skillsets to be able to achieve their goals. We set people up for success, then we train them to do the same.

Teach people how to teach people, then you have a business that can run itself, and you have a residual income. There is no residual income if people are not taking over for you. If everyone is reliant on you, then it’s not residual. All you have is money with little to no freedom. This is why mentors always teach, teach and teach, then relax on the bench and see the system working.



We need to put our minds where our goal is. We need to create the right skill set that sets the tone for the right business. Identify the right prospects, teach them how to have the right mindset, sharpen their skills to meet the requirements of the market then create a duplicating principle that allows the business to replicate on its own while you go to sleep.


Focus on these 3 things – and you will be able to create an incredible Network Marketing business, and have the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of.


To your success.


Andrew Logan


Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.

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3 Keys to a Successful Network Marketing Business

Your roadmap to building a Network Marketing business – even if you’ve never done this before.