Is Network Marketing a Scam? The 5 Truths I’ve Learned Since being in the Industry

Let’s face facts – Network Marketing can get a bad rap at times. There’s a lot of myths and misconceptions out there. And sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Sometimes we say and do things that only reinforce the negative stereotypes. We self fulfill our own issues.


I’ve been in this industry for 9 years now, and I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve seen people have great results and create amazing legacies, and I’ve seen people over-promise and under-deliver. I’ve seen people lead with deception and half truths (lies), bringing our industry down.


That being said, I wanted to present the 5 absolute truths that I’ve learned in the past 9 years, and let you make up your own mind.


1. It is harder than they say.

So often people stand there at events and say ‘Oh it’s so easy’, ‘Anyone can do this’ – and other catchy phrases like that. Unfortunately, we do two things here. We set people up for failure by setting their expectations incorrectly. We set people up for thinking they don’t have to do anything challenging – which generally only attracts people with short-term / lottery winning mindsets. And secondly, we do our profession a disservice. And I say profession purposefully.

Like any profession, there are skills that need to be learned; marketing, social media branding, overcoming objections, leading a team, coaching and mentoring people. Doctors don’t walk around saying – Oh it’s so easy – and that’s why their profession is so heavily respected – because we know they learned many skills along the way.

This is a simple business model. The best business model for the 21st century. But it’s not easy. But nothing worth having ever is. This is harder than advertised, but that’s the opportunity. Because most people will come in with a short-term mindset, you can be the person that comes in and treats it like a profession – and gets paid like a professional.

Which brings us to point 2….


2. Don’t ‘try’ this.

We are a credit card / microwave society – we want things now. And that’s the challenge right here.

This is a profession and a business – and a business model for residual income. Long term income. Wealth creation. And that won’t happen overnight.

If you need $500 to pay rent next week, don’t join Network Marketing.

If you want to change your life, then Network Marketing is for you – as long as you commit. Commit to the skills we talked about above. Don’t tip toe around and just cherry-picking the nice things. Or only doing this when you feel motivated. If you want long term, life changing results – you need to commit. You need to dive right into the pool and commit to the skill development. Then – you will get the results.


3. People won’t support you.

One of the biggest reasons people quit Network Marketing is because of the negativity they face from friends and family. Objection and rejection are hurtful – especially when you’re first starting. Similar to the first point, it’s often said how ‘Everyone will want this’ and then you quickly discover that actually, not everyone does want this.

But that’s OK. Because that’s part of the challenge. That’s part of the growth. That’s part of your learning.

You are going against the grain here. You are committing to a business, wanting to step away from the ‘normal’ lifestyle and chase bigger dreams. And most people don’t want that. Most people strive to stay in the middle of the pack. The unknown of a business is too much for them. The (perceived) security of a job is comfortable for them.

We’re the weirdos. We’re the ones that love the hustle. That yearn for the challenge. The people who are willing to give up the normal to achieve the extraordinary.

But just remember that we’re not normal. And that’s fine. Because this isn’t for everyone. This isn’t meant to be the dream that everyone chases. There are plenty of people who want what we have. You’re looking for others just like you.

You can’t take everyone with you to the top.


4. People will let you down.

Oh man, if I had $1 for everyone person who said they wanted this – but never actually did anything… I could buy a small island in the South Pacific.


People want the view, but very few are willing to do the work.

People will change their mind.

People will be dragged down by their environment.

People will flat out lie.

And maybe – you might have sold it’s easy like in Step 1, and now you’re wondering why everyone is leaving – because you set them up with false expectations.


Whatever it is, just remember that this is your journey. You are wanting to change your life, but not everyone will support you or stick with you. It’s just the way it is.


5. And finally – It. Is. Worth. It.

And this is the key. Because it will be harder than you probably thought. You will need to learn new skills. You will need to give up weekends and attend events. You will need to read books instead of watch Netflix. You will need to change your environment. You will need to change some old beliefs. You will need to walk away from some old friendships.

But if you commit, and do the work – you will have results like nothing you’ve ever dreamed before. And you will experience life in a way you’ve never been able to experience it before. And you will make some of the best friends you have ever made in your life.

It is worth it.

I can never, and would never, guarantee you can achieve it.
But I can guarantee it’s worth it.


To your success.



Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.
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