How to handle the ‘I don’t have time’ objection.

‘Sounds great but I just don’t have time’.

‘I’d love to do what you do but I’m too busy’.

‘I want to start, I’m just waiting til I have more time’.


Do any of these sound familiar?

Chances are we’ve all suffered through some version of this objection during our Network Marketing careers – which basically boils down to people saying ‘I don’t have time’.


I have written a previous blog post on How to Handle Any Objection in Network Marketing, but I wanted to focus specifically on this one today – as it’s one a lot of people struggle with. So let’s dive in.


Whether this objection is coming up when you’re talking about your products or your business – or especially if you’re finding this comes up when you’re working on getting your customers to turn into distributors – chances are high there’s 3 possible issues that we need to fix to help overcome this objection.


Firstly, our story.

If you’re finding that people are constantly responding to your story or messages with ‘sounds great, but I just don’t have the time’, there must be something in what you’re saying that makes it sound complex. If we’re constantly being hit with the same objection – there must be a common factor in what we’re saying that is causing it.

So in this case, people are responding to you with ‘what you’re saying sounds complex’. And so chances are, you are giving FAR too much information to people when you start talking to them. You are overwhelming them with information, and an overwhelmed mind just freezes. A confused minds stands still.

People don’t always buy the ‘best’ product, they buy the ones the understand first. So our job is always just to give them enough info for them to start. The first breadcrumb. The first step. Help them just see the first step of the journey – because then they will think ‘Oh I can do that’. Then we show them the next, and then the next.

Less is always more. If you’re constantly hearing the ‘I don’t have time’ objection – chances are you’re talking your way out of a sale. You’re trying to propose on the first date. And that never works.


Secondly, the word ‘business’.

We love to share how we’re business owners, have gone from having a boss to becoming our own boss and having an online / social media / home-based business. The problem is the word ‘business’ sounds like ‘busy-ness’. Businesses sound like a lot of work. Businesses sound like you’re always busy.

No one wants a ‘business’, but everyone wants to earn more money from home. Nobody is laying in bed at night saying ‘I hope someone offers me a business opportunity tomorrow’. But lots of people are laying in bed wondering how to get an extra $200 each week.

So let’s provide a solution to that problem. Rather than tell them about our business, talk to them about how you can help them earn an extra $200 a week. That story is soooooooo powerful. Because it’s believable. It’s achievable. People can see themselves achieving it.

$2 million a year from their phone – sounds so good, but the person on the street earning $20 an hour just can not fathom that. They can not even believe it’s possible. They can only see as far as the horizon in front of them. But if we start with that, help them get to that horizon, then they will see a new horizon, with beautiful new lands they never dreamed of – then help them get there – everyone will want to come with you.


Finally, ‘if not this, what else?’

The opening chapter of my book is named after these 5 words. And it’s a question we can ask back to people when they tell us they don’t have the time.


‘I’d love to do what you do but I’m just too busy’.

‘Well how long will you be too busy for? If not this, what else is going to help you earn more money, so you can stop being so busy?’


‘It sounds great but I just don’t have any money right now’.

‘Well if not this, how else will you earn more money to change that?’


‘I just don’t have the time’.

‘Well if not this, what else will give you more time?’.


The first two challenges we generally bring on ourselves. This third challenge is when people are so caught up on the hamster wheel that they can’t see a way off. They need a disruption. They need someone to come along and snap them out of the monotony and show them a new way.

So when this objection comes up – snap them out of their pattern and show them a new way. It’s up to them if they walk through the door, but we have an obligation to show it to them.


To your success.

Andrew Logan


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