3 Things you Must Stop Doing on Social Media

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for building your Network Marketing business – when used well. Used poorly – it can be the reason your business isn’t growing. And more often than not – we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to building our business on social media. And over and over again, I see these 3 major mistakes that people keep making – and it has to stop.


  1. Don’t turn your Social Media into a Shopfront – If you want to run a shop – setup an Amazon account, or an Etsy store. People go to Social Media to be social. And they join Network Marketing companies for the people, the culture, the vision, the community. So if you’re turning your profile into a shopfront – people will unfollow you, very quickly. Sure, it can work – very briefly just at the start of your business, when people are intrigued enough to buy. But after the first 4-6 weeks – it’s a strategy that will stop working. And in pursuit of some short-term sales, you will have had a LOT of other people unfollow you in that same timeframe. Making it VERY hard to take the next step in your build. Remember – this is only a quick money scheme if you try and treat it like a quick money scheme.
  2. Don’t Copy and Paste – I’ve spoken about this one factor in more depth here, but in short – it’s very lazy and fake. It’s not about faking it til you make it, because being fake, trying to impersonate someone else – isn’t the way forward. Building a great business requires leadership; and authenticity, integrity and trust are essential elements of leadership. You can’t fake authenticity… Like above, copy and paste may work – in the very short term, but you’re not going to be able to build, or lead, a great business if you’re faking it the whole time. Nobody ever changed the world by just copying someone else…
  3. Don’t use Fake Comments – Seeing this a LOT lately. And it’s a really bad look, for multiple reasons. If you do a post about your new product / business / promotion / giveaway – and then people already in your company come in and love and comment on it, then it’s a bad look for many reasons. Firstly, the FB / IG algorithms will see who’s commenting and interacting and start adjusting your feed accordingly. Pretty soon, you’ll only be seeing posts by people within your own company, and people out of your company won’t be seeing your posts. Which doesn’t really work right? We want new people seeing our posts. Secondly – it’s pretty obvious. It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s going on, and it will turn people off wanting to comment. Which roles into a corollary to above – it’s fake. It’s inauthentic. It’s deceptive. Call it what you want – but it’s not an authentic business building method – and if you want to attract authentic people, you have to lead with authenticity. Leading with deception will only attract people who are reliant on deceptive tactics.


I’ve said it many other times – but if we want to be more respected, we need to be better first. People have a lot of misconceptions about our industry – but too often we give them plenty of fuel for the fire. We do the EXACT things that we try to vehemently deny; focussing on short-term / deceptive business building tactics for a quick dollar. And we wonder why people say Network Marketing is just a get rich quick scam.


To your (long term) success.


Andrew Logan


Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.

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