How to find 10 Customers in 10 Days

‘It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon’ – wrong. It’s actually both.

Network Marketing is a long term, wealth creation vehicle. It is the very best way to enter the pathway to financial freedom – creating a residual income asset and a lasting legacy for our future. I will never stop preaching that.

But, we also know that we have to get the rocketship off the ground. We need to get into action early and fast to get things moving.


Having the long term mindset is essential, but we also can’t dabble day to day, hoping things eventually fall into place. We need to sprint out of the blocks – creating the energy, excitement, momentum and results that will form the foundations of our business going forward.


So with that – are you ready to launch your business? Here are the 3 things you will need to find your first 10 customers – Fast.


1 – Your Offer – What you’re actually going to say to people. The single biggest question people have – is ‘what do I say to people?’. The single biggest mistake people make – ‘verbally vomiting all over people’. If we’re going to go out into our market and start talking to people – before we go – we need to know what we’re going to say. And the simplest, and most effective, way to do that is to create an ‘X without Y’ statement.


We have a product or a service from our company, but people don’t buy products or services – they buy solutions to problems. And if they can gain a solution, without the pain of sacrificing something else – even better. So if you’re in weight loss, don’t sell vitamins, minerals or protein – sell you can help someone ‘lose weight without exercise’. If you’re in anti-ageing, don’t sell cellular hydration or scientific proof – share that you can help someone ‘look 5 years younger without needles’. Selling your business opportunity – you can help someone have more money, without doing overtime at work.


Once you have the offer that shows your product solution, time to take the next step…

(If you need more help on creating an offer, check out this video).


2 – Your List – Who do you know? And more specifically – who do you know who is interested in what you offer? Who do you know who is interested in losing weight without exercising? Or looking younger without needles? Or having more money without doing overtime?


Too often we can get too excited at the start, and want to chase the big fish. Trying to land the gym owner to sell our weight loss products, or the skin care doctor with your cream. The problem is – they’re much harder to sell. They’ve had people trying to sell them products from the minute they opened their doors. Their defences are right up the minute you start talking – and the chances of a No are incredibly high – which can knock your confidence and take you out of the game.

At the start, we want to build up our confidence, our belief and our results. So then when we go to the bigger fish – we have belief, confidence and results.

Start with the easy pickings. The people you already know, who like and trust you – and you know that they are looking for what you have. You know they’ve been wanting a solution to this problem for years. You can speak to them as a friend and get them started with you.


3 – Direct vs Indirect Asks – Once you have your offer, and a list of people you are going to talk to – the final question is how to approach them. Now I don’t believe there’s a hard and fast rule here, because the relationship you have with each person will be different. How you speak to them. How long you’ve known them. Can you be bold with them? Or are they the alpha of the circle?

Rather than have a hard and fast rule – I prefer to teach 2 different methods, and then picking and choosing the best fit for each relationship.


Direct Ask – If you are confident you can directly approach this person, then be direct. Don’t fluff around. Don’t spend 5-6 messages just talking, waiting for the best moment. We want to launch right? So we want to be direct. So a direct ask is that – direct.

‘Hey Jen, I know you’re always looking into skin care – and I’ve found a way to look 5 years younger without needles – is that something you could interest you? No worries if not, just wanted to reach out.’

‘Hey Warren, I know you’re always looking into ways to create an extra income – and I’ve found a way to have more money without needing to work overtime – is that something you could interest you? No worries if not, just wanted to reach out.’


Indirect Ask – Alternatively, you can use the Indirect Ask, which is a version of reverse psychology. You take something away, and that can often make people want it more. Great for people who you aren’t as confident approaching.

‘Hey Steve, I’m looking to help some people lose weight without exercising. I know it wouldn’t interest you, but just curios if you know of anyone who would be interested? No worries if not, just wanted to ask.’

‘Hey Angie, I’m helping people have 5 Star Holidays without the 5 Star budget. I know it wouldn’t interest you, but just curios if you know of anyone who would be interested? No worries if not, just wanted to ask.’


With the Indirect Ask, they’re often very interested, because you played hard to get. But even better – you already start to turn the cogs in their head – thinking about other people who would do this with them. They’ll either send you to them, or bring them with them too. And you start the duplication process immediately.


From here – it is a numbers game. Not everyone will say yes. But you can increase your chances of saying yes – by taking the first 2 steps first. Craft an offer, have something structured and ready to share when you start talking to people – and start talking to people far more likely to say yes than no – so you don’t get your confidence smashed before you even start.

Then – it’s a matter of counting the seeds you plant. You can’t control if someone will say yes or no. But you can control how many offers you send out. The more offers – the more yes’s will eventually come back. Some immediately, some down the track – but focus on what you can control – and your business will explode.


Andrew Logan


Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.

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