7 Figure Attraction Marketing Tips

Attraction Marketing is one of the most important tools in growing your business as we get into 2021 and beyond. Especially with so many people online still staying at home and learning how to work from home and loving working from home.

If you haven’t heard of Attraction Marketing – or maybe you’ve heard someone mention it at an event, on a Zoom call, or seen ads come up in your Facebook or Instagram as you’re scrolling but you don’t actually understand what it is – I want to quickly give you the background on what Attraction Marketing is and why it’s so important first, before we dive into the how.

What is Attraction Marketing and why is it so important?

There’s a pyramid of buying habits of consumers out there no matter what industry you’re in, whatever product you’re selling. Restaurants, fast food, weight loss or gyms, whatever it is, at any one time we have about 60% of people at the bottom of the pyramid that don’t particularly care. They’re not problem aware and they’re not solution aware.

For example, if you’re in weight loss, 60% of people out there do not feel they have a problem with their weight. Whether you agree with them or not – they’re not interested in changing.

It’s the same if you have an energy drink, essential oils, coffee or a financial service, whatever you have, 60% of people are comfortable in their situation and they just want to stay there. So let’s not worry too much about them.

On the other side of the coin at the top, we have about 3% of people who are ready to buy straight away. Now, what we do when we join Network Marketing? We buy our pack, get excited, get results and go out and tell our friends and family. We have ignorance on fire, we verbally vomit, put it all over our social media and do all the things we’re told not to do. But – it also works – for a little while.

If you know 1,000 people, probably 30 of them are ready right now. So even though the approach is wrong – it just happens to work on enough people to get you started.

Now you can’t build an empire off 30 people, but you can get started. These are the 3% who are ready to buy. You can put up a ‘before and after’ photo or a join me post and the 3% who are ready will join. Pure sales.

But we want to talk about the other 37% of people. They’re broken up into 20% of people that are aware that they have a problem – but they don’t know how to start, and 17% of people who are aware of their problem and they are actively looking for info – preparing to make a decision.

That 37%, 12 times more the amount of people than who are ready to buy, are the people we want to attract with Attraction Marketing.

How do we do that? It’s a three step process.

Now, quickly, before we even get started on the how, you need to know that you will not be perfect. When you set up your own Attraction Marketing formula or funnel, understand that you will evolve and adjust over time. Fine tune your approach based on the engagement, comments and responses that you get. Just know that in order to get the feedback to improve – you have to get started. Get started before you’re perfect.

First step is we need to know our AVATAR. Who is our ideal customer? If you represent a product or a company, then you provide solutions. Who do you provide solutions to? Someone specific. Don’t try and please everyone by sending a vanilla, bland message out there. No one is attracted to the middle of the pack.

Plus – it’s exhausting. You get a lot of unqualified No’s – because there’s no real connection to you. They’re not your ideal customer and they end up wasting your time.

In marketing, it’s called Niche Marketing. In Network Marketing, we talk about your avatar or your ideal customer. Who is the person that you want to work with that you can provide a solution to? The biggest hint, your ideal customer is you. Who were you before you found your company or your product? You can become your very best ‘before and after’. This is where Attraction Marketing is really important.

This 37% of people who are problem aware and starting to gather info, they’re going to find an authority, someone who they can relate to, who has been through what they’re going through and can help them get the result they’re wanting.

This is why you are your best avatar and you are your ideal customer. You speak the language, you understand their pain and suffering.

Now from here, what is the SOLUTION that your avatar wants?

I learned this about 15 years ago in my traditional business. It was a hypothetical question in an event. The speaker asked “If you owned a restaurant, what is the most important thing in a restaurant? Is it food, is it service, is it ambience, is it location, is it price? None of those. The most important thing is there’s a starving crowd of people.”

You can have the greatest restaurant with the best food, reasonably priced in a beautiful location by the beach, but if no one’s hungry, no one’s coming to your restaurant.

What is the solution that you offer this ideal customer? What is the solution that you offer your ideal customer? You don’t sell a product. You sell the solution to a customer. The clearer you get with that, the more success you will have.

Finally – we need to provide content that will attract those people.

We need to build ourselves as an authority, as someone who knows who our ideal customer better than they know themselves. Know their struggles, their pain, their desires – because they were our struggles, pains and desires. We know what their problem is because we have been through it – and we have a solution to that problem.

To schedule our content – we’re going to use the very simple LVR rule.

‘L’ is Lifestyle. 40-50% of your posts are you being you? You as a new mom, you as a busy dad, you as a young guy who’s helping people with finances, you as a young couple living in a van and is traveling the world. You’re showing your lifestyle as this avatar.

Then, around 40-50% is Value. You’re going to start providing value about the problem your avatar has? What problems do my customers have? If you’re talking weight loss and you’re talking to busy moms that don’t have enough time to exercise, maybe you can provide some simple exercises you can do at home around the kids. If you’re in skin care, a FB live of “What food can I eat to avoid break out”. Valuable solutions so your ideal customer sees you as the authority. “Andrew’s not just salesman, Andrew is providing me value about the problem that I have.”

Then the final 10% is Results. We put up results to show how we’ve helped someone solve their problem. Before and Afters, Testimonials, Stories from your customers. These are the powerful posts that get your followers off the fence and converted into customers. They’re powerful, but don’t overdo them.

If all you’re doing is results in your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, you’re only talking to the 3% of the people who are ready. Once you’ve gone through that 3%, if you continue to do nothing but Results post, the 97% quickly unfollow.

You want to talk directly to the 37% of the people. When they’re ready, guess who they’re coming to? Who understands them better than anyone else? Who speaks their language better than anyone else? Who knows the exact problem that they’re going through better than anyone else? Who can help them actually get that result when they’re ready? You!

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about jab, jab, jab, and then the right hook. Set them up, give them value, speak to them in their language, and then throw the right hook!

Remember, you do not need to be perfect because you will learn, you will grow and you will adapt. Your imperfection, the struggles that you have, all the challenges that you have are the exact same things that your avatar are having. Be real, be you. Speak to your avatar as your person, show that you can provide solutions, give results, and you will have amazing success in network marketing. You will never be short with people to talk to and you will grow up a huge business. I wish you the greatest success.

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