4 Tips for Dealing with an Unsupportive Spouse

You’ve just come home from a company event. You’re super excited, you can’t wait to get into action – and then all of your excitement, energy and positivity is taken away by a negative spouse…

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, we see it all of the time. And initially when I started building a Network Marketing business, Angie wasn’t supportive at all; products or business. So I know exactly how you feel. But, having her beside me, building this business every day was important to me. So I had to figure out how to turn her around, and get us in alignment.

And since then, we’ve also helped a lot of other couples through the same challenges. So here are 4 top tips to help deal with an unsupportive spouse;


#1 COMMUNICATION – Communication is an absolute must – in any endeavour. But especially this. You need to communicate your goals, and how your products or Network Marketing itself fits into those goals. Your partner may not be supportive – just because they don’t actually understand the business model – how are you actually going to be making money to reach your goals? Or maybe they’ve heard some Network Marketing horror stories – and they’re trying to ‘protect’ you. They’re actually sabotaging you – but they feel they’re protecting you. Lead with your goals, your desires, your reasons – and I’m sure they will be more open.


#2 GRATITUDE – Gratitude is another skill that’s important in any endeavour. Help your partner get on board, by showing them gratitude for them. Show them that you’re building this dream business for both of them. And especially – show your gratitude using your commission cheque. When you start your Network Marketing / MLM business, it may not be that much – but take them out for dinner with your cheque. Next month, hopefully, you can do something more exciting. Each month as your commission cheques grow, you can take them out to nicer places, or away for longer. They will see your results increasing, and they will see your gratitude increasing. And they’ll be far more likely to join and you can build a 7 figure Network Marketing empire together.


#3 “PASSIVE” SUPPORT – While working together side by side is the ultimate goal – let’s not forget the passive support that some partners are giving while you’re off building your MLM business. You go away to an event, they’re at home with the kids. You’re on a Zoom call late at night – they’re doing the dinners and baths. You win a trip form your Network Marketing team / company – they’re at home doing homework with the kids while you’re sipping cocktails on the beach. This support is so important to acknowledge, and like above – show gratitude for. Because if you show gratitude, it’s more likely to turn into active support. If they’re not feeling any respect for what they are doing – they’re definitely not going to be doing any more.


#4 SHARED VISION – The final Network Marketing success tip is making sure that you have a shared vision. As your business grows, and your cheques grow, there will also be new challenges. So you need to make sure that you always reconnect to your vision. Sit down with your partner, your kids, all of the people important to you regularly – and reconnect with where you all want to be. Make sure you’re rowing the boat in the same direction. The more often you do this, the more support, and success, you will have.


Wishing you great success.



Andrew Logan is a Network Marketing Author, Coach and Mentor.

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